Attention current and past students who took or are taking dual credit courses at North Mercer R-III.

The school has Federal ESSER money that is set aside to help assist parents with costs associated with their student's education. One way we can reimburse our current and past families is by dual credit tuition reimbursement. Any student that took dual credit courses ranging from Fall of 2021 to the present are eligible for this reimbursement opportunity.

There will be a meeting in the commons area of the school on September 20 at 6:00 PM to determine who will receive reimbursement. Current and former students need to attend the meeting in person to place their names into the drawing for reimbursement. The drawing will take place that evening amongst all current and former students who attend the meeting.

Unfortunately, there is not enough funding, $1625.25, to fully reimburse every student that would have the opportunity to receive tution reimburse. The current and former students will vote to determine if the total reimbursement amount will be split between 10 or 15 students due to the funding amount available. After determining which way they will split the total reimbursement, the drawing will be held.

If you have any questions please contact the school.